Jack Daniel's Bar Call App Reviews

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Too little

Of all the recipes for JD drinks, there are only a half dozen in the app. Come on! As it sits, this isnt worth the space in my phone.

Pathetic appp

What the hell is this ....... Im really disappointed with this app....

Update please

Good app but I drink Jack n 7!! How about an update with that? Then Ill give yall 5 stars.

No options.

Of all the ways to order a drink you cant select straight ?! This app needs a lil more work and even then needs more options like recipes and different jack brands etc.

Missing Combos

I like the idea of the App and being a avid Jack sipper, I agree with others that this should be expanded or allow the users to add to the list of calls shown. Obviously Jack and 7 should be added and others like Jack and Diet for starters. This could easily go to a 5 star rating.

Good looking but not very useful

No Jack & Diet? Please.

time for an update?

love the idea, and the functionality. its good marketing for jack, and convenient for the user. that said, i do wish they would update this app with more drinks, including jack & diet...

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